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 begone tactics

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Kelly Nplay

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PostSubject: begone tactics   Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:55 pm

these are tactics to be used against other pros or other clans during clan-wars. aka not casual play.  sorry for bad grammar spelling and punctuation, i will edit this later.

first things first, always use third person. and the cross hair of your liking. as much as we all like first person, it sucks in this game.  its like using a controller against mouse and keyboard; as much as people like controllers, mouse and keyboard will always win.

secondly,  this is a guide for average to experienced players.  if you are a total noob maybe first get to average player level at least and then look at this.

thirdly, if something in this list goes against a way that you play which works for you, then im not trying to force you to play a certain way, this is just what i think makes sense.

the mp5 (the starter primary gun) is widely regarded as the best weapon in begone mainly because it has a very high rate of fire compared to the other weapons.  the only time i would advise to use a different weapon is if your team is losing badly and the mp5 is just not working for you. here are some alternative strategies for every weapon:  
Shotgun:   If the enemy team's best player continues to go the same direction through the box maze, and you continuously fail to overpower him at the same section of the maze with mp5, consider a shotgun to take him out with one hit (this is a risky idea though so only try this if your team is in a desperate situation, the idea is to catch him off-guard because he didnt expect you to have a shotgun.)

Sniper: in warehouse it is never recommended to use sniper in a competitive match,  sniper is more useful in larger maps

m4a1:  although it makes a loud noise, the damage it does is only slightly higher than mp5, and the fire-rate is a lot lower, so m4a1 is not a very good weapon.  

machine-gun (m249):  this weapon can be useful for camping, the best place to camp in warehouse with the m249 is on the far side of either swat or militia base,  equipt with a suppressor and crouch,  the enemy team feeling overly confident will come out of the box maze without checking for camp spots, then you can gun them down, this might get you 1 or 2 kills before they find out where you are,  a lot of clans use teamspeak to communicate keep in mind. like the shotgun strategy, this might only work well for 1 game in a match.

as for attachments, its really up to you, whatever suits you, but make sure you read all the details because every single weapon upgrade has a downside.  one thing i do recommend is incendiary ammo over explosive ammo because you never aim for the head when your shooting someone with mp5.

Warehouse map tactics:
the box maze might seem at first like just a maze where the enemy could be anywhere,   but the best pros know every part of the maze and can guess the locations of the enemy team.  a main tactic is flanking, so you have a good sense of timing:  you have to have an idea of how long it will take someone to run around to flank you,  if the person you were exchanging fire with disappears for longer than a few seconds there's a good chance he is going around to get you from behind,  you need to watch both places where he can attack,  and a lot of people will pretend to flank but then attack from the original direction as soon as you look the other way.  It takes a lot of good judgement and weighing the odds of where your opponent is (or where he is going) to master the warehouse map.
another main skill in warehouse is to find the weak points, study the enemy team's patterns and find the best place to attack where they are unprotected.  Don't go the same route every game or they will catch on and prepare for you.
Now to be more specific,  if you notice you keep on dying,  ask yourself this question:  am i dying on the right side or the left side of the map?   If you enter the maze on the left side   (<- this direction)  you will most likely die,  so its a good idea to take a jog over to the right side if you spawn on the left side,  this goes for swat and militia.  
another tactic:  If you are exchanging fire in the maze with someone you know is better than you,  dont try to kill him, only try hold him in that position. if you holding him in his position than he isnt doing damage to your team, and your team can eventually surround and overpower him once the other weaker players of their team are delt with.  (be-careful with this strategy because it might go wrong)

Here is some good advice:  If you die without a kill, think about the reason why you died and what you did wrong, then, change your strategy and dont do it again,  it is always tempting to try to do the same thing again but this time successfully, but this is called thinking irrationally.  stay calm and smart and don't rage or get  frustrated.  stay positive.   If you are dying a lot, you might be tempted to camp or rush.  camping is not a good idea because you are not helping your team, and you are vulnerable when you stand/sit still.  rushing (as a way of raging) will not work because you are so determined with your plan that you will not observe your surroundings or think logically.  the best way to play begone is to constantly take in information from your eyes and ears, constantly calculate and the best decisions.  remind yourself that it's just a game if you feel yourself getting negative.  If you think bad thoughts bad things will happen.

set up:  if you have a shitty fps (frames per second)   You should figure out why and try to solve it.  open task manager to find out what programs or process are running that is slowing your computer and giving you a bad frame rate.  If nothing helps, go to processes, and right click the "plugin container" process (that is what is running your game)   set it as high priority,  also set Firefox as high priority, this should improve your frame rate.
Mouse position:  make sure the surface you use your mouse on is open and is good for game-play.  
sensitivity:  make sure the sensitivity is good for you, if the sensitivity is too high, it might be hard to aim,  if it is too low, it might be hard to turn quickly, or you might not have enough room on your mouse surface.
Controls:  the main control change people use is binding the crouch key to the fire key or the aim key and setting crouch to hold, this is because crouching gives you better accuracy (if you use the large cross hair you can see how wide your cross-hair is, the wider your cross-hair is the wider the bullet spread will be.  crouching also lowers the recoil.   So binding the controls (AKA "auto-crouch")  is good for a lot of players.  But it has its downsides, and a lot of the best begone players do not have any auto crouch and use "c" (the default) as crouch.   Here are the main downsides:  crouching makes it hard to move,  so while it might help you kill someone faster,  it will also make you more vulnerable.  crouching makes it hard to kill a escaping person in the box maze because it makes you slow down a lot.  crouching is not very useful at very-very close range.  crouching at long range is almost always better than standing,  the only issue with binding crouch to the aim key is that then you cant use crouch at close range as well.
if you choose to keep crouch as toggle with the "c" key,  it can take  a lot and a lot of practice to master the art of toggle crouch, if hard work and training is not your thing then just stick with auto-crouch I would say.

reloading:  dont reload too often!  if you notice you always die when you are reloading, then dont reload as much, remember half a clip is a substantial amount of ammo with mp5 to kill 1 person, that means if you have half a clip and you think you are vulnerable, Save that half a clip because it is your only protection.    IF you notice you are running out of ammo mid-fire,  then you are not reloading enough.

switching to pistol:  remember that while you reload, you can not fire, but you can still switch to pistol, If someone catches you reloading at the wrong time,  and you are early in your reload, you might consider switching to  pistol because its faster than to finish the reload, however if pistol is not your strong suit then it might be better to finish to reload if possible.  its all up to your judgement though.  

headphones: make sure you have a good pair of headphones with a right and left channel so that you can hear your surroundings.  make sure your headphones are not in the wrong way!  

seeing through walls:  shooting at the edge of a box lets you see through the box, this takes a little practice to get the angle right but after that it comes easy,  aiming at the edge of a box also can let you see through it, as well as knifing a box also.   make sure not to waste ammo, only tap 1 bullet when you shoot a box to see through it,  when you are reloading you can still hold the trigger and you will see through it.  if you continue pressing the trigger after reloading you can see through the box without having to waste ammo.

dodging grenades:  its important in a competitive match to NOT get hit by grenades. if the enemy team keeps firing grenades across the map,  you can go on the bridge or ladder to shoot them,  you can rush them and shoot them, or you can stay far back to avoid getting hit by them.  If you are the last player alive, expect them to throw a nade at you, listen for the sound of weapon changing, and then vacate the area. this happens a lot if you are upstairs on the balcony,  if you think you can kill the person who is throwing the nade before the nade goes off, go for it.
throwing grenades:  evryone must practice throwing a grenade across the map and know where it will land,  if it lands ontop of a box it wont do any damage.   at the start of a game the team captain will tell a place to throw the nade and everyone throw all at once, if the enemy is in that area it can do a lot of damage to all of their players.  

never concentrate to much on one person of the enemy team, you need to always be thinking of your surroundings, even when exchanging fire you must think about the positions of the other players.  never try to hard to finish kill because you will forget about your surroundings. remember it's a team game so your score doesnt matter as long as you guys win.

if you find your self dying a lot,  take a look at what the best player on your team is doing and follow them.

part 2
one tactic is to hold off a section where the enemy team can flank from. for example, in warehouse, the miltia team often comes from the swat's left side.   its hard to kill anyone as a swat player going left,  but it's possible to hold them off for a period of time.   the reason this is usefull is so they cant get to swat base left so quickly,  then, the people on your team in swat base right are protected from a flank.

another tactic is to walk around a corner instead of sprinting.  this really only does will in third person and going counter clockwise around the corner, also the corner must be secluded meaning the corner that you walk around should be in a safe place for example,  the far right swat camp near the wall 1 box into the maze..   the reason to walk around a corner is because you think there might be an enemy on the other side, and sprint will lock your trigger and will widen your cross hair making it hard to fight.   normally walking around a corner is too slow but in this case you will always see them before they see you because you have the "third person advantage".  If the person is a distance away this wont help because it will be better just to do the normal "space+D+shift+C+mouse_1+mouse_2"  key combination for a quick elimination.

fakes:   switch to pistol make reload sound and the guy will come out try to catch you while reloading then switch to mp5 and kill him

watch for nades where they come from

watch the ladder

super short distance.   no crouch no aim
short distance  crouch no aim
medium distance  no crouch aim
long distance  crouch aim
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begone tactics
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